stacey montgomery | photography : story telling and pricing


I am a natural light lifestyle photographer.  I like to tell stories with my lens.

Before booking a session with me it’s important to know what I love to do and what I hope will come of our time together.

What I love to do:  Take photos as time unfolds.  Capture you as you do something you love.  Be a fly on the wall as your family interacts.  Let your kids be kids, not forcing them to smile and look at the camera.  Photograph details… her head on your chest as you rock her to sleep, the moon in the sky that day, her blankie on the floor, the artwork he scribbled that proudly hangs on the fridge, the smiles caught after he tickles her, the leaves on the grass as she runs through them.

What I hope will come of our time together:  Real, imperfect moments that are authentic and not created or posed.  A documentation of whatever we choose to do that day…  a walk, a picnic, going to a park, hanging out at your favorite ice cream spot, or just spending an afternoon in your home, playing in your own backyard. Photos that read like a story.

I only shoot a limited amount of sessions per month.  I primarily shoot home sessions.  Please inquire and book in advance, especially in the fall.  I do take time off during the winter months mainly due to our cold Minnesota weather, but if you are interested in a lifestyle session that involves hot chocolate, sledding, or ice skating, I am game!

I believe documenting your life is important and that it is an investment.  My session fee is $150 for one and a half hours to two hours of my time and talent, documenting the story of our time together.

Image pricing begins at $300 which includes digital images for you to keep on a USB flash drive.

For more detailed information regarding session info and pricing, please use the “contact” form above or email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you!