christmas with my crew


These are some of the things I’ll remember about our Christmas this year…

Annie at The Ordway on December 23rd. We all loved it.  We want to make it a new tradition.

Christmas Eve church on the morning on the 24th with our Homestead family.  My kids on either side of me.  Tears with Silent Night.

Getting into our PJ’s right after church, snacking on snacks, watching football, baking cookies.

A few minutes of beautiful snow.

Candlelight dinner with my grandma’s china and linen napkins and place settings by Evie.

Letting the kids open their gifts from each other.  Setting out cookies for Santa.  Saying goodbye to Joey.

Last minute gift wrapping with Darin while watching a Christmas movie.

The kids up early Christmas morning, opening stocking gifts.

Coffee and patiently waiting for more gift opening.

The looks in their eyes when they open up the gifts they wanted.  The gifts from Darin.

Cinnamon rolls and brunch.

A Christmas movie.  The Greatest Showman for Evie and I.  Star Wars for Eli and D.

Lots of smiles and memories and snuggling and fun with my favorite people.  It was such a wonderful Christmas with them.  So grateful.


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