when they ask to do all the things…

I feel like I’ve somewhat succeeded as a mom when they ask to do all the Christmas things we do every year.  I hope they never grow out of wanting to do all those things with me.

We make these yummy chocolate covered goodies every year.  Evie is very serious business about it.  Keeps her hands clean and her crackers neat.  Eli digs his fingers right on in.  And spends more time licking the chocolate off them then actually dipping the crackers.  We have a few different kinds of cookies and treats that we make every year and they always ask to make them.  It makes my mama heart happy.

Note the last few photos where I was trying to get Evie to laugh and smile.  I also feel like I’m somewhat succeeded as a mom lately when I get that one to genuinely smile for me on camera.  Love these kids and our traditions so very much.  To see how much they’ve grown since last year click here.


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