you are a brilliant letter knower

I’ve photographed this family a number of times now, this time being the second at their home.  The weather was gloomy and cold, our Indian summer ending a week before our scheduled date.  And while a little golden light and warmer temps would have been nice, there were still plenty of little things from our time together that melted my heart.

Like carved pumpkins that were obviously done by the kids (which I love).  Hand painted rocks and artwork and bird houses.  Reading Dr. Seuss and roller blading and football playing and swing swinging.  Hockey on their knees on the carpet.  A quilt made out of old race shirts.  A little slip of paper with a race time.  And a little piece of paper with encouragement….”you are a brilliant letter knower”-heart melted.  All of these little reasons are why I love photographing families in their homes.

Here’s the slideshow from our time together.  Music by Ben Rector.


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