this is why we run


On Sunday Darin and I, along with our dear friends Gina and Steve, ran the Twin Cities 10 mile.  It was the third year in a row for Gina and I, and the second year for the guys.  We run the race and then take the kids out for brunch together.  You could say it’s become some what of a tradition.  I’m not sure how we made running 10 miles a “fun” tradition, but I guess we have.

This is not something that’s easy.  I am not an athlete.  I do not have a runner’s body.  I run slow.  Running anything close to a 10 minute mile is a success.  We don’t go out there to get a personal record, we just go out there to finish.  The goal is to just run the whole thing and not stop to walk if possible.  And try to have a little bit of fun while we are at it.  It’s a hilly, tough course.  And it rained the first 3 miles.  And it was hard.

But you know what?  We did it.  We finished.  We don’t run with aspirations to run a marathon next or to get a faster time. We run to say we finished.

We run to prove to ourselves that we can do hard things.

We run to see a goal accomplished.

We run to stay healthy.  To force ourselves to get our there and exercise.  To get our butts off the couch.

We run because it’s quality time with our partner and our friends when it seems like most of our quality time goes to our kids.

We run for our marriage.

We run for our friendship.

We run to encourage each other.

We run because it’s important to do something that’s just for us.

We run because we want to be strong women and raise strong women.

We run because we want to be strong men and raise strong men.

We run because we know our little women and men are watching us.

We run because we want to fight fear and anxiety.

We run because our bodies can do more than what we think they can.

We run to build our mental strength, because we’ve learned that running is really 90% mental.

We run so we can get nervous together, laugh together, cry together.

We run because God has blessed us and we are grateful and with Him on our side we will not fail.

We run so we can eat more chocolate and drink more mimosas.

We run because we are slightly over 40 or very close to 40 and dang it, it feels good to say we can run 10 miles.

We run because it’s really not about the running.  It doesn’t have to be running, and it very well may turn into another hard thing for me at some point, but I’ve learned that challenging myself with something that seems a bit crazy is good for my heart and soul.  I promise you that committing to a hard thing will change you, too.

Thank you to these people in the photos below for doing hard things with me.  xo


gina - Thank you for inspiring ME to do hard things. So happy we did it! Love this post and you.

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