their first days of fourth and seventh grade


Today they were excited and ready to start another year.  They easily got up, got ready, got off to the bus.  Darin stayed home from work and we prayed before they left.  They each gave me big hugs as we said goodbye.  And while I felt my eyes tear up a little, I was just happy that they were happy.  It’s hard sending my hearts off to school each year, but it was a good morning.

Darin and I had breakfast after we got Eli off, a tradition we’ve now had since he went to first grade.  It takes my mind off the end of summer, being alone in the house, them getting older, them getting more independent, them getting a little less attached.  I know this is how it goes.  I know it’s how it’s supposed to happen.  I’m grateful for a good morning.  But I’m also grateful for my tears because they remind me of my intense love for them.

Here we go again…


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