the night before fourth and seventh grade


The time has come for summer to end and school to start.  We had a wonderful summer.  We love summer.  I love having these kids home with me.  Our lazy summer days filled with swimming and lake time and friends and family make my heart so happy.  I wish it didn’t have to end.

But off they go to fourth and seventh grade.  And they are ready.  No tears this year from Evie, as she confidently strolled into her open house and got her locker on first try and hardly wanted to walk around to see where her classes were.  She has grown so much the past year, not only physically but in every other way.  It shows and it helps my mama heart so much sending her off tomorrow with little anxiety and much more excitement.  Eli has the same teacher as last year and is ready to see his friends and start his fall sports.  They really are awesome kids and I am incredibly blessed.

I almost thought my “night before” photos were going to be rained out today.  It’s been a wet and cold Labor Day.  But there was a small break in the clouds and the sun even peaked out so I drug the kids into our backyard even though it was cool and damp.  I grabbed a few blankets to wrap them in and quick snapped them in our usual spot.  I few minutes later the rain returned so I felt like God smiled on me and my yearly tradition, as much as the kids dislike it.  I did get a few good smiles, tho.  :)

I’m sure there will be a few tears tomorrow as I send them off.  But this year they will likely just be from me.  Because sending them off each September is never easy on this mom.  I just love them too much.


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