her first day of twelve


Today my sweet girl turned twelve.  Oh how I miss her tiny little hands and toes, but oh how I love the beautiful young lady she’s becoming.

Her day consisted of our traditional donuts, swimming with friends, and presents with family.  And then her friends joined us once again for cake and ice cream.  I know this is how it’s going to be now.  Friend time slowly starts taking priority over family time.  I know this is the normal progression of things.  It hurts my mama heart a little bit, but seeing her happy on her birthday made up for all of my feelings.  After all, the day was about her, not about me.  About this sweet baby girl who has grown up SO much the past six months.  Her birthday reminds me what an incredible gift she is.  And I hope I help remind her of this every day.

Happy Birthday to my dear Evie Grace.  You are a shining light and you make us so proud.  It is my greatest joy watching you grow.  Love you so very very much.

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