her last day of eleven


It is the night before this sweet girl turns twelve.  She has grown up so much the past year.  Even the past 6 months.  Even more so the past 3 months.  Heck, I look back at pictures from just a few weeks ago and I swear she’s an inch taller.

She doesn’t like to hear that she’s growing.  When people comment on how she’s almost my height you can see her shrinking a bit in hopes that maybe they’ll think she’s shorter than what she actually is. It’s an interesting time….when she has one foot still in her childhood and another one dipping into adulthood.  I can see that a part of her really wants to just stay a kid, while the other part of her desperately wants to grow up.  And while it’s a little heartbreaking seeing her change, it’s been so wonderful to see how she’s matured not just in height, but emotionally and socially.  So many things that make my mama heart ache, yet so many things that make it burst with pride.

I think this almost 12-year-old girl is pretty amazing.

(It was a little tougher getting her to take these photos this year, as she was very busy hanging out with her friends.  She gave me about 3 minutes to quick take these.  Just a sign of the times.  To see how much she’s grown from last year, click here.)


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