Their last days of 3rd and 6th grade

It’s hard to believe the school year is already over.  It went by SO fast.  Warp speed.  It’s going faster each year.  Why don’t you just tear my heart out right now?

With that being said, I love summer.  We are so happy it’s here.  I love having them home, having no schedules, no homework, no making lunches, no nagging them to do all the things.  And I feel so good about this year, Evie’s first year of middle school.  Do you remember all my feelings the beginning of the year?  I was so worried about how it was all going to go.  And it went SO WELL.  Evie thrived this year.  She did amazing.  And Eli rocked 3rd grade.  Prayers answered.  I am so proud of them both.  They are great kids and now I get them home for the summer.

I love them so much.  Summer please go slow.


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