another christmas with my little family


I love Christmas at home with my little family.

This year we went to go see a movie together on Christmas Eve (maybe a new tradition?).  We went to Christmas Eve church at Homestead.  Eli and I read a part of the Christmas story together.  And Evie was a shadow puppeteer for the little kids’ portion of the service.  We held candles and sang Silent Night together and I got teary like a usually do.  Then we came home and had our fancy Christmas Eve dinner with my grandma’s china and linen napkins and our names written by Evie on our plates.  We let the kids open one gift before tucking them in and Darin and I sat on the couch and watched a Christmas movie together (maybe a new tradition?).

Christmas Day was our traditional cinnamon rolls and presents and coffee and PJ’s all day.  This year Eli got a guitar and Evie got a special theater date with dad.  I loved it all so much.

I love them all so much.


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