Letting my voice be known….


Four years ago on election day I shared a post on my blog where I voiced my personal opinions regarding a few very important issues.  I’m usually not too vocal when the political season rolls around, but I thought I would once again speak up on this election day eve and bring a few of those issues up again while adding a few more that have come to mind in the past four years…



I think Chipotle should not charge extra for guacamole. Guac is an essential part of the burrito experience and should be free and available to all burrito loving patrons. #freeguacforall

I think the word “bae” should be banned from the English language.

I think there should be legislation against self checkout lanes.

I think dark chocolate chocolate chips should cost the same as semi-sweet chocolate chips. #equalrightsfordarkchocolate

I think fruit should be banned from desserts. It’s just not right, friends.

I think it should be against the law to stand on the left side of an escalator.  Right is for standing, left is for walking. An escalator is not a Disney ride.

I think golden retriever puppies should be available to pet and snuggle while waiting in line at the DMV, or the line at the post office, or the line at any government establishment where employees are not allowed to smile.  You would be allowed to bring the golden retriever up to the counter and lick said employees causing guaranteed smiles.

I think there should be a petition for Ikea to change their frames and mats to normal sizes. This is not Sweden. This is America.

I think the song “Last Christmas” by Wham! should never be allowed to be played on radio ever again.

I think TV presidents should be legitimate candidates.  #jedbartletforpresident


Now hopefully I haven’t lost any Facebook friends by speaking up on these controversial topics.  I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

Happy Election Day, friends. #itsalmostover

Annalisa Murray - Ha! This is so good! Not what I was expecting but I looooved this so much!!

Tracey - Yes yes yes on every single one of these. I was just saying the other day that I would totally vote for Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) from Designated Survivor. Let’s also ban the overuse of selfies–like limit them to maybe three a year. Let’s also propose a wait time/think-before-you-hit-submit on submitting FB status updates. Let’s institute a blinker law. Like if you don’t use your blinker at the appropriate time then your car shuts down for 24 hours. Let’s ban gathering at the end of the escalator ride. Let’s ban double wide strollers at Disneyland. Let’s propose more outside play time at schools. And finally let’s elect Golden Retrievers as the national dog.

Heather - This is the best, Stacey! I love your sense of humour.

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