getting her feet wet


This girl.  Three weeks into her first year of middle school and this girl has really done amazing adjusting to the big change.  She’s conquered lockers and schedules and new teachers.  She’s survived getting up at the break of dawn and the new morning routine.  She even had a project the second week of school where she had to get up in front of her class and give a little presentation.  And she did great.  All of this stuff can be hard and challenging for a girl like my Evie, but she has been brave and has really done awesome.  A lot of little victories which are a really big deal for her.  We are really proud of her.



Through all of this I’ve learned a lot about faith and trusting that God has her.  That He’s not going to let her fall.  I hate to even say it….that I’m a bit surprised at how well she’s doing with it all.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  Because I know that she is being prayed for, that God is watching over her, that she’s going to be just fine.  Maybe this adjustment to middle school was more of a lesson for me than it was for her.  Isn’t that how it usually goes?

As she continues to get her feet wet….try new things, learn to overcome anxiety, organize her time, struggle through homework, deal with 6th grade girl relationships… I pray that we will both continue to have faith and trust in our God that has her in the palm of His hand.  Love this girl so much.


gina - Love this post! So proud of her and you, it is a big step and a big deal. You did a great job getting her ready. Love the new blog layout too!!!!! xoxo

Annalisa - Glad to hear middle school is going well for her. Middle school can be hard! She’s got a great mom to help guide her through. Hope you all are well.

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