their first day of third and sixth grade


Today was their first day of third and sixth grade.  Their first day in separate schools and Evie’s first day of middle school.

It was thunder-storming and pitch dark when Darin and I drug ourselves out of bed at 6:00.  (Side note you guys, middle school is early.  She has to be on the bus by 7:00.  This requires organizational skills that I am usually not capable of.)  My sweet husband once again took the day off of work, bless his soul.  My girl, who is usually wide awake at the crack of dawn, would of-course choose this day to sleep in.  I had to wake her up in the rainy darkness, which was not easy.  There were tears about her first day.  I climbed in bed with her for a few minutes and may have cried a few with her.  The tears stopped and she eventually crawled out of bed and with a lot of encouragement, got dressed in the cute outfit she had meticulously chosen the night before.

I made her a waffle and she was in pretty good spirits.  Then Darin gave her a card he had written her and more tears came.  Big hugs and “I’m scared” and “I don’t want to go” were followed by cuddles by Darin on the couch and lots of “you are brave” and “you are going to have a great day” as I choked back my own tears.  She rebounded quickly and Eli woke up and joined her on the porch so I could take two quick photos in the pouring dark rain before heading to the bus stop.  Darin prayed and the bus came and she was off.  We had done it, all the praise hands.

Then we had an hour with Eli before sending him off to the bus at 8:00.  It’s strange not having Evie there.  But I’m thinking the time alone with him every morning will be nice.  And the time alone with Evie before Eli gets home in the afternoon will also be nice.  (Do you like my positive thinking?  I thought you would.)  Before we knew it it was time for him to go, too, so we brought him to the bus and he ran right on.  Darin and I got back home and I burst into tears.  This sending them off to school every year, especially this year with Evie in middle school, is so hard on me.  All the feels.  I just can’t help it.  I’m thankful for my husband who puts up with these yearly emotional outbursts. (Okay, they are much more than yearly, more like weekly.)

We had a nice day together, but if I’m honest I was thinking about my Evie a lot.  I teared up several times thinking about her.  Is she getting her locker open?  Is she finding her classes okay?  Did she find someone to sit by at lunch?  Is she okay?  And she was just fine.  She got off the bus and said she had a good day.  She did it, just like we knew she would.  She was being prayed for by so many people (thank you).  And she survived her first day of middle school, as did her mom.  And now we get to do it all over again tomorrow.  We’re going to keep praying our way through it all.

Another school year with my two favorite little people, who really aren’t that little anymore.  Love them.


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Gina - Such a sweet post and wonderful photos as usual! Love them, and you.

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