the night before third and sixth grade


And so I’ve blinked and another summer is gone.  We had such a great one.  I love summer and being home with the kids.  But tomorrow my E’s will be starting third and sixth grade.  The first time in different schools.  The first of my babies in middle school.

Middle school.  The big school with the locker combo and switching classes and “A” days and “B” days and just everything that comes with middle school.  I know she’s going to be fine and she is being prayed for and that God is with her and that I don’t need to be anxious, but my sweet girl is just like me.  Emotional and doesn’t deal with change well and a bit of a worrier.  There have been a lot of tears leading up to this day, from the both of us.

But tonight went well.  Tonight we picked out her clothes and painted her nails and packed her lunch and I think maybe for a brief second she was excited.  Darin prayed for her as I teared up and hugged her like crazy as we tucked her in to bed.  No tears from her tonight, but from her crazy emotionally unstable mom.  We have received so many notes and texts and messages from those that are praying for us the past few days that I’m just blown away and so thankful for all the love.  Yes, the tears may still come, but I’m really feeling at peace about it all.

I quick dragged the kids outside to take our traditional “night before” photos in the backyard.  It was hot and humid and the mosquitoes were eating us alive (they are AWFUL this year!), so we were out there all of about 2 minutes, but I managed to snap a few of my E’s on the night before their first days.  They are going to do great.  They are really great kids.  And I’ll have a good cry and get through the first day without them and we’ll get back into our routine of yet another school year.  It’s just going by way too fast.  (As evidenced by when my sweet Evie was in third grade and I was sending my baby boy to kindergarten.)

Love these kids something fierce.


Gina - Such a wonderful tradition and these photos are beautiful! You would never know they were rushed. So very amazing and I am still amazed that summer is over.

georgia - these are so sweet. i’ve missed this space. it would take a million years to catch up. still, i hope to.

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