last of summer


I feel incredibly blessed that we get lake weekends.  That we have a home to go to, that my kids lovingly refer to as “the Fairmont house”, where we can relax and swim and soak up the sun.  We had some wonderful times there this summer.  It really is the highlight for us.  And as the kids are getting older I feel like we’re able to enjoy it even more.  Our time there is special and I know we are creating some incredible memories.  I wanted to post a few snap shots from the last few weekends we spent there.  Darin even caught me on the lilypad with the kids and Eli even took a blurry photo of Darin and I, which I happen to love and just had to include.

Summer is my favorite and I’m so happy I get to spend part of it here with my favorite people.


gina bieringer - this place is so wonderful and so is your family. xoxo

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