her first day of eleven


Today she turned eleven.  My sweet girl who only a second ago was screaming in the OR to meet her mama, turned eleven.

She wanted donuts for breakfast, no surprise.  She asked for strawberry milk.  Eli and I sang her happy birthday and she beamed and blew out her candle and gave Eli a hug.  She read the note Dad left for her and she opened up her present from grammie and grampie and played a little iPad.  Then she helped me bake her cake, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, that she wanted to decorate herself.  We found this cute happy birthday banner and she put in the eleven candles right in a row.  That’s getting to be a lot of candles.  She picked out her new favorite shirt to wear.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so she decided to spend the afternoon at Hidden Falls Park along the river.  “Mom, I just love this place.  I just love the water, mom.  It’s my favorite.”  We dipped our toes and climbed the trees and then stopped at Wabun Park to play before heading back home.  She played outside with her neighbor friends until Dad got home.  When he came through the door she gave him the biggest hug.  Her choice for supper was grilled pork tenderloin and sweet corn with raspberry lemonade.  She opened her gifts one by one, and she was surprised to get the tennis shoes she pointed out weeks ago.  Cake and candles next, I mistakenly bought the candles that you blow out and they relit, and we all got a kick out of nearly setting the house on fire when they refused to go out.  Dad finally had to take tongs and remove them and put them in water.  After dessert she took a walk with Leo and I.  She held my hand and talked about how she had a really great day.  I’m so glad.  I tucked her in and only teared up a little this year as I talked about what I was doing 11 years ago at that very moment.  We prayed and snuggled and dad rubbed her back and that was her first day of eleven.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.  Today I told you what a gift you are to me and how God has given you many gifts that I know He is going to use in you.  The gift of noticing, the gift of seeing the beauty in all things, the gift of enjoy the simple pleasures of life like dipping your toes in the water, the gift of pointing out all the colors of the sunset, the gift of creativity.  I am so grateful that God gave me the wonderful gift of you.  Love you so very much dear one.

Annalisa - Stacey, when’s the best day for me to come visit L&D? I want to come for a few minutes and bring baby Kate too. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?


Tracey - It has been such fun seeing the progression of your birthday posts over the years–how you celebrate with your traditions and photos and how they kids have grown! :) And I can totally see E standing just like M with her leg crossed over the other!

Annalisa - Stacey, it is so fun to follow your beautiful family. I love how you are able to capture so much in your photos. Sure miss you and I may have to visit L&D in the next month or two.

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