her last day of ten


Another year has come and gone and this sweet girl is one day shy of eleven.  She has my heart.

Tonight I got home from work and took a few photos of her in the beautiful backyard light.  A romper thrown over her swimming suit, still wet from a day of fun playing in the water with the neighbors, her hair wavy and wonderful, her smile perfect.  She picked a few flowers and blew me kisses and even ran in for a big hug.  Love her so.

(To see last year’s “last day” photos, click here.)


her last day of eleven » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] (It was a little tougher getting her to take these photos this year, as she was very busy hanging out with her friends.  She gave me about 3 minutes to quick take these.  Just a sign of the times.  To see how much she’s grown from last year, click here.) […]

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