Eli’s first race


Today my boy and I ran his first race together, the Farmington Dew Days 4 mile.  Since track season this kid has been running 3-4 miles with Darin and I, hardly breathing hard, and loving every minute.  So we thought he might be ready to run a real race, and this was the perfect one.  He was so excited.  We got our bibs and when he saw that our numbers were 246 and 247 he hugged me and said, “Mom!  We’re number buddies!”.  Melt my heart.

D and Evie came to cheer us on, Evie making a sign for her brother.  It was hot and humid, but we ran the whole thing and had a great time.  And Eli will be the first to tell you that he beat me and could have ran it faster had I not held him back.  Thanks, bud.  :)  I’m hoping to run lots more races with him, but have a feeling he’s going to start outrunning me at a much faster pace very soon.  Love this kid and his determination.  Can’t wait to see where he goes from here.


dorannmontgomery - I love these pics. What a wonderful gift-to run a race with your child. I think God is smiling on all of you.

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