a day with my girl


Last week all of the fifth graders were going to Valley Fair to celebrate the end of fifth grade and elementary school.  Evie asked if she could just spend the day with me instead.  Melt my heart.  A big amusement park with a bunch of crazy kids is definitely not my sweet introvert’s thing, so instead of pushing her to go and be miserable all day, I let her skip it.  We planned a fun day of our own.

Evie has shown a lot of interest in rock climbing lately, so we decided to try out Vertical Endeavors. We dropped Eli off at school and we stopped at Caribou on our way up to St. Paul.  She held my hand walking in and held my hand walking out.  She read Harry Potter on our drive while she sat in the front seat with me.  We arrived to climb and were given a quick orientation and then were set off on our own.  My Evie just started right on up those walls and did amazing.  She did so great!  She made it to the top of one of the walls before letting go without any fear and repelling her way back down.  I joined her, and while it is not as easy at it looks and I am not too keen on heights, even this old lady made it to the top a handful of times.

We took a break and drove downtown St. Paul where Darin met us for lunch at his new work place.  We had PotBelly’s together and then he showed us his new office.  On the 23rd floor of the Wells Fargo building with windows galore, Evie marveled at the view and the cool digs (and the treats that were readily available).  He walked us out and Evie gave him a huge hug and it made me tear up a bit.

Then we headed back to Vertical Endeavors where we climbed for a bit more before heading back home to pick up Eli from school.  I loved seeing how confident and determined and happy she was climbing.  She’s a strong kid, even though I know there are a lot of times when she doesn’t feel like she is.  It’s not easy thinking about being done with fifth grade and moving on to the big and scary middle school.  A lot of changes and these times are tough for an almost eleven year old girl.  But I know she’s going to be okay.  I know God has big plans for her.  I pray she remembers our day together and the confidence she had in herself climbing and that even though it can get scary way up there, that her Father is holding her and won’t let her fall. I often need that reminder myself.

Love making memories with my sweet girl.  I’d say this definitely topped Valley Fair with a bunch of fifth graders.  This was much more her “thing”.  It was the perfect day. Love her so much.


Tracey - I’m so glad she did this and loved it! So great!! Bean decided to go to the 8th grade trip to Great America, the big amusement park here. She waffled back and forth but ultimately decided to go. I gave her some Dramamine and she braved a roller coaster and loved it. She was exhausted though when she came home!

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