Eli had his final track meet last week after a fun season.  To say he loves track is an understatement.  This kid is motivated and determined to improve and win.  He would practice the long jump in our back yard and run sprints on the trail behind our house.  He even started running long distances with Darin and I, three to four miles!  I absolutely love it and pray he grows up to be a runner.  He’s even talked about running the 10 mile with me.  Makes me smile, this kid.

Unfortunately the last meet was incredibly cold.  Just the week before there was record 90 degree heat, and then we were digging out the gloves and mittens in the middle of May for 30 degree temps with 20 degree wind chills.  It was bitter cold, and yet the kids didn’t seem to mind and continued with their events unbothered.  My fingers were frozen trying to snap these photos of him during his last meet.  Why did I not think to snap these photos on the 90 degree day??

The cold was worth it as we watched Eli be the final leg in the final race, the 4 x 100m, and win.  He was so excited and it was so fun to watch.  Even if my toes were about to fall off.  He had a wonderful coach and a great team of boys and he’s already thinking ahead to next year.  He may even run a 4 mile race with me this summer.  Gotta love it.  We are proud of you buddy!


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