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Since April is half way over (how did that happen?), I thought I’d give a quick random update on what’s been going on here….

  • In true Minnesotan form, I thought I’d talk about the weather first.  Spring arrived this week and it looks like it’s finally here to stay.  It was close to 70 yesterday with 60s-70s in the forecast for the foreseeable future.  30s and 40s, be gone, we are done with you.  I took Leo for a walk yesterday and it felt so wonderful I could cry.  A little warmth and sunshine is so good for all of us and we are looking forward to more.
  • The kids have started a countdown until the end of school.  Summer is our favorite and I’m looking forward to lazy mornings and swimming and weekends at the lake.
  • Spring break came and went and we enjoyed park time and doing nothing and spring clothes shopping (even though it didn’t feel like spring) and some time with friends and more doing nothing.  I took a day off of work to spend extra time with the kids and it was so nice to only have to work two days instead of the normal three of my work weekend.
  • The Friday night of spring break we took the kids ice skating. (Because that’s what you do over spring break in Minnesota, who needs a beach?).  I love going skating with D because he used to play hockey and is so good on his skates and the kids marvel at how he skates circles around them.  I marvel a bit, too, and think back to the skinny hockey playing high school kid I dated.  We had supper at a new place and just had a really nice time together.  I really love hanging out with my family.
  • We also looked back fondly on our spring break trip to Captiva last year and remembered how wonderful it is to get out of Minnesota in March and booked a place for next year.  This is what 30 degrees and snow in March does to a person.
  • Our Easter was lovely.  We spent time with my mom and Curt and a few weeks later drove down to Fairmont for a wonderful meal and more time with family.  We will be eating Easter candy until Halloween.
  • We spent an awesome evening at our new church (Homestead Community Church) celebrating their one year anniversary. They had Chinese catered in and karaoke and dancing and singing.  We had a great time and are so thankful for the new community of friends we’ve met there.  It has been such a good change for our family and we are excited to see where it goes and grow along with it.
  • Earlier this week D and I went to a parent night for middle school orientation.  I may have teared up listening to the principal speak about what Evie has in store for her next year.  How can she be in middle school already?  I feel like my days of emotional instability are only increasing as they age.
  • Back before Christmas Eli decided that he wanted to read the Harry Potter series.  Our little over achiever is now on the fourth book (which is over 700 pages) and I’ve decided to read the series along with him since I had only read the first book.  It’s been so fun talking to him about what’s happening in the books.  He earned himself a pizza party with our school’s principal for being one of the top readers over spring break.  Super proud of him.
  • Evie is also quite the reader and just finished the Chronicles of Narnia series.  She’s recently read a few books that I haven’t read and it’s fun to hear her talk about how great they are and recommend them to me.
  • D’s new job is going well.  It’s busy and challenging and has been an adjustment, but has been a great opportunity for him.  As a wife it’s great to watch him take on something new and be his cheerleader.
  • Eli has started up track again and he loves it.  His first meet is this Friday and we can’t wait to see him compete.
  • Evie is doing a photography unit in Art at school where she’s had to take and edit photos on her school iPad.  I’m amazed by the photos she’s taken and her natural eye for composition and light (okay, so I may be a bit biased).  I’m thinking of teaching her on to shoot manually on my DSLR with my 50mm lens this summer.
  • D and I are binge watching “24” right now.  I know, we are a bit late to the party.  We are currently on day 5 and I’m waiting to see which major character they are going to kill off next.
  • Eli’s new thing is telling me he has an assignment to finish when he gets home from school and it’s to give me a big hug and kiss.  Then we get home and he proceeds to give me a big hug and kiss.  Pretty sweet.


Thinking about our little every day things makes me so thankful for it all and for my little family.  Have a happy day, my friends. I’m off to go take Leo for a walk in the abundant sunshine.

gina - Love the list and so many happy things going on. Booking a trip for spring break next year sounds divine! xoxo

Heather - I love that photo so much! And I love reading your blog and hearing updates on your family. Miss you!

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