skipping school for snuggles


She had a cold.  She begged and pleaded with me to stay home from school.  She promised me that she would do her homework, her reading, her math, even her science.  She said she just wanted to be with me and snuggle.  She could have gone to school.  But I know school isn’t always easy for this one.  So I gave in and let her skip.

She kept her promises and did her work without complaining.  And that afternoon we spent over an hour in bed snuggling and reading together.  The plans I had that day, the errands I wanted to run or the cleaning I needed to do, it all could wait.  Because I’m learning that when my kids ask to snuggle I need to take them up on it.  Even if it means they miss a day of school.

Sometimes parenting isn’t so black and white.  It’s setting boundaries and not giving in and teaching them to be responsible, but it’s also letting them skip school when they just have a cold just because you know they need the snuggles.


gina - Just another example of what a wonderful Mama you are. xoxo

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