weekend bliss


I loved every minute of this past weekend.  Except the minute it came to an end.

Friday night I surprised D with a date to celebrate his new job.  Yes, that’s right.  D is leaving US Bank after 15 years and pursuing a new opportunity with a new company.  I won’t go into it right now, but it’s been a stressful six weeks of prayer and signs from God and senses of peace and decision making and I’m so proud of Darin and excited for our new adventure.  Because while it’s his new job, it’s really our new adventure because we do this together.  So I surprised Darin when he arrived home from work (and he was surprised, it was the best) and we went out to dinner and raised our glasses to leaps of faith and stepping out of the boat.  Our dear friends joined us for dessert and it was the perfect night after his long week of resigning and thinking about leaving a job and co-workers that have been such a blessing to us for many years.

Saturday we split up and took the kids on our dates that my dad had gifted them for Christmas.  Eli wanted to take a skiing lesson with D, and Evie wanted to go ice skating and stay overnight at a hotel with me.  Eli and D enjoyed the beautiful weather on the ski hill, went out for pizza, and then came home and watched Star Wars.  Evie and I went out for dinner and went ice skating and picked up cupcakes that we ate in bed at the hotel.  The next morning we ordered in room service and cuddled while watching HGTV.  We all had a blast and it was a such a great gift.

Sunday afternoon was spent with my mom, Curt, and my sister and Haddie.  We had dinner together and played outside, enjoying the spring like temperatures that just make me so happy.  We had such a nice time.

It was one of those weekends that I just didn’t want to end.  Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for my sweet family and the special times we get to spend together.


Annalisa Murray - Wow, that does sound like a memorable weekend! Congrats to you both on the ending of a great job and the beginning of a new one.

Gina - I love this happy post, sounds like it was a wonderful weekend and we were so happy to raise our glasses with you guys to start it off. (In fact I think of you everytime I look at the spilled drink on my winter coat sleeve;) (true story.) Love you guys.

Tracey - I love E in her Maui sweatshirt. :) And what a great weekend you had!
I think of E everyday because Bean and I follow this gal on Instagram who fosters pregnant cats and then the kittens they birth. Right now she has a kitty named Olivia and she gave birth to four adorable kittens: Winston, Albert, Leo, and EVIE. Show her the account. Bean and I lay in bed and scroll through the photos and videos. Her account name is: foster_kittens

Heather M. - It sounds like such an amazing weekend!!! I’m so glad were able to do all those fun things.

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