first snow

I always make sure I capture the first snow of the season.  There is something magical about it.  We watch it fall from the window and the kids eyes light up and once there is enough on the ground they suit up and spend hours playing in it.

This year it happened on Thanksgiving and was more than just a dusting, which was perfect because we were all home and able to enjoy it.  We had gotten our tree the day before, so in between trips outside, we decorated and baked cookies and sipped on hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music.  I loved it so much.

The weather has been atypical here this year.  Crazy warm temps for November and December and that first snow was our last snow and has since melted.  I could do without the bitter cold, but we are praying for a white Christmas.


Heather M. - These are such fun photos! I just checked your forecast and can I just say how happy I am that you’ve escaped the cold and are some where warm and sunny right now!

tracey - The snow on Leo’s nose. :)

carla - Love these! I wanted to take our Christmas card photo on Thanksgiving because it was so pretty, but didn’t get the chance. By the time we got to it, most of the snow was melted. :( Love the crispness of pictures in the snow. Looked like the kids had a blast!

andrea - I love snow photos! Much more fun than rain photos. ;)
That big photo of Eli near the end – amazing. I love it!
Your kids have gotten so big!
A fun way to spend Thanksgiving. :)

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