miss haddie is three


Last week I was able to spend a little time with my sweet niece, Haddie, who recently turned three.  It’s become a bit of a tradition that I take a few photos of her for her birthday, so we walked out behind our house on a beautiful fall day and I snapped a couple to capture her three-ness.

She is sassy but polite.  Stubborn but sweet.  She gave us some pretty cheesy grins that got us to laugh.  She is a mini-Mindy, which means my sister might have her hands full.  She makes me smile and I love being her aunt.

Jean - adorable! has it really been three years?

Tracey - She is adorable. I feel like she was just born!

Heather M. - Such a cutie pie! I’m so glad you got to spend time with her. Love this photo! How is she 3 already?!

Sissy - I love all of them! I showed the ‘think of daddy’ one to my MIL- and we just laughed! You do such a splendid job of capturing the moment- it’s a special gift from God that’s for sure! 143.

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