the night before second and fifth grade


And another summer has come to an end.  And it was a really good one. Maybe one of these days I’ll catch up the blog with some more photos from our fun in the sun, but tonight I’ll post some of my yearly tradition of taking a few photos of the kids the night before their first day of school.

I love summer and I just really love having them home. As much as I’m looking forward to some “me” time, I will miss them. I think I’ve just been realizing how quickly time is going and how precious it is.    This will be Evie’s last year in elementary school.  It will be the last year they are in the same school until Evie is a senior and Eli is freshman in high school.  High school.  Let’s not go there.

I tucked them into bed tonight and prayed over them, asking God that they have a wonderful first day.  I encouraged them and told them how awesome they are and how proud Dad and I are of them and then gave them big hugs and kisses and then wiped the tears from my face in the dark.  Sometimes I think going back to school is harder on me than it is on them.

Here they are on the eve of another first day.  Love these kids so much.  (To see how much they’ve grown from last year, click here.)


tracey - I can’t believe how much Eli has grown up. I know I say that ALL the time, but seriously, he’s totally morphed into this handsome young boy! And I love Evie’s hair cut. I love the layers and the color. Tell her that she looks so beautiful and that I’d love to borrow her hair. :)

gina - These photos are beautiful and they are just so beautiful! I hope they had a wonderful day. love you

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