please don’t leave us summer


I’m one of those moms that loves having my kids home for summer and dreadfully counts the weeks to when school starts.  I love the lack of routine and the spur of the moment “what are we going to do today?” plans and my kids running outside barefoot on the humid nights with the neighbor kids.  Sure, there have a been a few days where we’ve all gone a bit crazy after being with each other 24/7 and there have a been a few (very very few) times where I’ve maybe thought that we are all ready to get back to a little structure.  But then I think about how old they are getting and I count the number of summers I have left with them before they go off to college and I tear up and just pray that summer will stay with us forever.

Last week we had a lovely few days as a family while Darin took some vacation from work.  We didn’t really have much planned other than some extra time at the lake and a few fun things we wanted to do with the kids.  We took them to Wabun Park and Minnehaha Falls and played in the water and the creek and had ice cream.  We took another day and drove up to Stillwater where we spent the warm afternoon at our favorite river beach.  The kids got wet and sandy and played in the caves and the little stream of cold water coming from the bluffs and we stopped for ice cream.  We had lots of ice cream.  We went swimming and went out to eat and stopped by the farmer’s market and grilled and made sweet corn.  The kids had a little sleepover together on the floor on our new carpet one night.  It all made my heart so happy and full.

I know my prayer for summer to last forever won’t be answered, so instead I’ll just soak up every moment of the next few weeks with them.  I love this time with my kids, oh how I love it.


Naomi - Sounds like you’ve had a good summer. I love summer too! Although, i think owen is ready to go back! Hard to believe it’s almost over. Enjoy the last of it! Thanks for popping over to my space. :)

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