lived in, loved in


I last saw this family two years ago at the airport when photographing the homecoming of their youngest daughter.  This week I was invited to drive down to their house to document them once again.

I met them in their lovely home at supper time and shot a picture story of their evening together.  I adored their beautiful yard with huge, mature trees that filtered in the most amazing summer light. I adored the long swing and the mint leaves and the tomatoes growing on the patio and their sweet 13 year old dog.  I adored their wall of windows and the little mid-century details and the music room and the wine bottles and the books everywhere.  But what I especially adored was the fact that their home was very much lived in…music is played, wine is drank, books are read….all by some pretty amazing kids and parents who obviously all love each other something fierce.

Here is their story home session, music by Judah & the Lion.




georgia - your pics are wonderful.i totally remember that homecoming post, too!

and that house! eeeeeek… i’m in love!

Heather - oh Stacey, these photos are amazing!!! I was in tears. So gorgeous. What a gift you are giving them. You are so talented. Please come do this for me!

tracey - Also, the photos of the dad reading to the son on the bunk made me cry. Sooooo sweet.

tracey - Stace–such a wonderful home session. Loved that back yard photos and all of that pretty light! Also, that house. The windows and the couch and the view! Also, I felt like their biological son could be E’s brother! Sure you’re not related?!

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