half way point


We just returned from a long and wonderful weekend at the lake and I did what all summer lovers do at this point in July….counted how many weeks of this we have left.  And I realized that we are at the half way point.  7 weeks down, 7 weeks to go.  Which made me happy….because usually this late in July it’s more than half way over.  Which made me sad….because how can it already be half way over?  I love summer so much that sometimes it hurts.

I’ll share some more photos from our weekend with our friends at the lake later, but today I’ll share some of our E’s when we just arrived.  They immediately put on their suits and ran out to play in the water and on the beach and it made my mama heart feel so full and happy.


tracey - The light in these is sooooo pretty. I love your lake photos. I wish I could be there. These are the stuff that summer is made of and I love that your kids will always cherish the memories of this place. :)

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