and june is almost in the books….


It’s June 29 today.  I can’t believe June is almost over.  It’s no secret that I love summer and I just wish that it would go a little bit slower.  I love having the kids home, lazy mornings, and less structure.  Summer feeds to my non Type A personality and it’s my favorite time of year.  But since July is just around the corner, here is a few random June tidbits that haven’t been previously covered on this blog:

We went to a Twins game with the kids.  The weather was perfect, the Twins won, and we spent a small fortune on ice cream, cotton candy, and nachos.  And the kids are finally at the ages where they actually watch a bit of the game.  Score.

Eli started a little “Well Mannered Boys Club” with some boys from our church (taught by a mom who is an obvious Type A in the best of ways).  He is learning (or re-learning and practicing) awesome things like how to introduce himself, table manners, serving, etc.  It’s pretty cute.



The basement is almost there.  Almost.  Darin and I went and choose carpet and we are waiting for countertops and tile work.  I’m hoping by August….

D went on his second trip for his leadership conference for work in Washington D.C., which I wasn’t able to go along to, which coincided with the time Evie and Eli were gone at Grammie and Grampie’s for VBS in Fairmont, which meant I was here alone.  Which was a little blissful the first few days, but a little lonely the last few days.

I tried to make the best of my four days to myself.  I cleaned the house and it actually STAYED CLEAN for four whole days.  Amazing.  I took Leo for daily morning walks.  I got together with a few friends, one of them spent the night which was really fun.  I had takeout food that was just for me.  I got a few things done around the house that are just easier without little people around.  I enjoyed some quality time on my couch.  And I missed my husband and kids.



D got in from his trip on Friday which gave us one evening together before picking up the kids in Fairmont.  We went to our favorite, Broders.  And then we walked the streets of South Minneapolis hand in hand on a gorgeous summer evening.  Cheesy, I know.  But I loved it.

We picked up the kids and discovered that Grammie and Grampie survived and that all the cousins had a great time together all week.

We spent the rest of the weekend in Fairmont, enjoying the lake and beautiful weather.  We rode on the boat for the first time, the kids went tubing, and we ate Jake’s and The Channel.



The kids and I went to Feed My Starving Children for an afternoon with Eli’s Well Mannered Boy’s Club.  We packed food for kids that have no food and the kids were totally into it.  Made my mama heart smile to see them serving and learning what a world impact they can have even in their hometown.

Darin and I got hooked on a new show on Netflix: Friday Night Lights.  We just finished the first season and are in full binge watching mode.

I found this adorable new Podcast called “Mystery Show”.  The Belt Buckle episode is my favorite and had me laughing and tearing up.

And I printed out my previous blog.  Four books with all of my blog posts and photos from August of 2008 to December of 2012.  It’s awesome having them in a tangible form.  The kids love looking through them.  And I tear up when I see the photos and read stories of them from when they were so little.  It confirmed why I continue to do this.  And put a little fire under my butt to keep taking photos, keep editing photos, keep documenting our day to day. Because maybe years from now they will read these books and look through them and remember all the memories I’ve tried to make with them.

Now summer…..slow down.

gina - I love this post!!! I can’t believe how much you guys have already done this summer! Great Mama. Your basement looks beyond fabulous. I was so happy to be one of the friends that got to spend time with you while your littles and husband were gone. Love you and these photos too. xoxo

Nikki Sinclair - I have such similar feelings about summer! Your alone time sounds amazing and my mouth started watering when you mentioned Channel and Jakes. I need to check out that podcast Enjoy your summer!

tracey - Those four days alone sound so divine. But I think I’d miss the family after a couple of days too. When the kids are at camp I go by their empty rooms and miss them. And the lake just looks so summery. What great memories for them!!

Heather M. (heathersnapsfood) - Girl, you’ve been busy with the blog! I was so happy to see all these updates. :) I’m glad you enjoyed your alone time but totally get how much you miss your loves while they are away. Your kiddos have beautiful hearts, just like their mama, loving and serving others. :) And I’m so, so glad summer is finally here for you. :)

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