her first day of ten



Today she turned ten.  Ten.  Ten years since she was placed in my arms for the first time and I instantly adored her.

She woke up early, like usual.  I found her playing with her brother on the couch.  She was super excited to be turning ten.  Ten is a big deal.  Dad went to go get her request for breakfast….donuts.  We enjoyed them together at the table and she blew out her first candle of the day.  She opened her present from Grammie and Grampie and played with Will and Eli for awhile before we headed to her request for lunch….Applebees.  She told me she wanted her birthday dessert, but didn’t want to be sung to.  Then we headed to a park on what was a gorgeous summer day.  We swung and she collected some pine cones to paint.  She wanted to see the movie Inside Out as a family on her birthday, so that’s where we headed next.  She wanted to sit next to daddy, and keep the armrest up so “we can snuggle, daddy”.  Melt my heart.  She loved the movie.  We headed back home and she wanted to paint her new wooden animals that she got from Papa.  She played outside and RipSticked in the garage and showed me her new tricks.  She played with chalk in the driveway.  Dad got her some roses and she beamed.  She asked him if he could still pick her up now that she’s ten.  And of-course he still can.  Nana arrived and we grilled supper, pork tenderloin and sweet corn, her favorite.  We opened presents and she took the time to read every word of every card, she carefully opened each gift and said thank you and gave sweet hugs.  We lit the cake that she made and insisted on decorating herself….chocolate with chocolate frosting and crushed up Oreos and flowers….and we sang Happy Birthday.  Before bed she wanted to read with her new reading light, and eventually we tucked her in, me first.  I told her how special she is, how loved she is, how much she is adored.  I prayed with her, and then dad came to rub her back and say his good nights.

Happy double digits my sweet girl.  I can’t believe you are ten.  I cried multiple times today….once after breakfast after you gave dad a hug and then ran off to play.  Dad asked me what was wrong and I just said that I can’t believe how big you are getting and that it’s just going by too fast.  I cried again at the movie.  The movie that was about a girl growing up and the mix of emotions that comes with change.  How appropriate on your birthday.  And I cried again as we prayed and I thanked God for the amazing gift of you on your birthday.  Ten is a big deal.  You are a big deal.  And we love you more than you know.

gina - I love how well documented this is and how special you made it. You always make their birthdays so special. I love your little girl to BTW.


Heather M. - tears, friend. love, love, love that you capture their birthdays like this. she is so very loved, your sweet girl. it is so evident. the photos of you and her on the swings and the ones of D holding her are my favs. I hope 10 is an amazing year for her. :)

tracey - These photos seem to be coming faster and faster each year. I swear it was just a few months ago you posted her bday pics. But it’s pretty amazing to see how much she has grown and adult-like she looks now and happy she seems to be a part of your amazing family. Love the one of her and you on the swing. :)

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