the magic of summer


A few weekends ago, as we were packing up to head back from our day trip to southern Minnesota, I noticed Evie and her cousin playing on the swings in the backyard.  They were dressed in their matching PJs that they received as a gift earlier in the day, giggling and enjoying their last minutes together.  It was probably around 7:30 at night, and the air was warm but not too warm, humid but not too humid, and the sun was beautifully muted through the gorgeous green trees producing the most amazing light.

I probably took about 100 photos of them and thought to myself about their littleness, their innocence, their love for play, their joy in the simpleness of running in the grass and examining leaves.  I saw how their feet were dirty, how they weren’t afraid to climb or lie down in the clovers or lay their heads back as they swung with their legs stretched out to the sky.  I felt like God had given me this beautiful little green bubble and the two of them were in it, just bouncing around and enjoying every square inch.

I love the magic of summer.  And I love these girls.


gina - finally getting caught up on your blog and I love it so much, and you.

Heather M. - Just adore these photos, Stacey.

tracey - They could be twins. The one of them both hanging off the end of the play structure almost looks like a mirror image. Also, I could almost feel that warm midwest air on my skin. What a lovely night!

Jean - adorable matching pj’s!
i love this! i love watching cousins at play!

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