Last day of first and fourth grade


Today was their last day of first and fourth grade.  I’m sitting here in utter awe of how fast the year went.  A friend told me when Eli started first grade that it will all go at hyper-speed now.  I didn’t want to believe her, although I knew she was right.  A blink of an eye and here they are, ready to enjoy our summer together.

I walked into school with them to say goodbye. On the entire car ride to school I was already trying to hold back the tears, telling myself, “You are not going to cry, Stacey. You are not going to lose it in front of their teachers this year.”  I had already broke down when writing their thank you cards last night.  Surely I had gotten my tears out of the way.  You are all laughing at me now, right?  Because as soon as I laid eyes on Evie’s teacher I immediately broke down.  She has had Evie in her class for the past two years.  Two years that have been challenging, filled with growing pains.  But two years where she was nurtured and loved and looked after.  I always knew that her teacher wanted the best for her.  She took her under her wing and she will be missed.

And the tears just continued into Eli’s room.  I could hardly get out any words.  Thankfully I’m pretty sure their teachers don’t think I’m too emotionally unstable as they both teared up as they said their goodbyes, too.  I’ve learned that a good teacher is such an amazing blessing.  I’m so thankful that my kids had wonderful teachers this year.  (And Eli will have the same teacher again next year, yay!  She’ll get to deal with more of my emotional outbursts!)

Unfortunately the tears continued into the hallway as I ran into another teacher I knew and started crying AGAIN.  She might have thought I was a bit crazy.  I managed to pull it together until I got to the car and then sobbed the whole way home.  I just can’t help it.  These milestones of another year gone just get to me.  Evie asked me on the way to school, “Mom? How can you be sad and excited at the same time? That’s how I feel about school being done.”  She nailed it.  Excited to see them grow and be these amazing little people, excited for another year done, excited to spend the summer with them.  But sad, too.  Lots of bittersweet moments in this parenting gig.  Too much for me to handle sometimes.

I am SO proud of these kids.  And I’m hoping to soak up every single moment with them this summer.  Because I know it will be over in a blink and I’ll have a second and fifth grader going off to another year of school.  Gulp.

(To look back and see their first days, click here.)

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