his first day of seven



Today he turned seven.  My sweet boy who only a blink ago was being dried off in a warmer in the operating room, turned seven.

He was up early and went downstairs to play with his sister as he patiently waited for us to come downstairs.  He requested a chocolate chip pancake made by daddy in the shape of a “7” for his birthday breakfast.  “And of-course the sprinkles on the milk cup, mom.”  Of-course, bud.  He changed into his shorts and t-shirt for his track meet, Leo joining him on the bed.  The weather was perfect.  A gorgeous spring day to watch him jump and run.  He added to his ribbon collection and even got second place over all in the long jump.  His name was called over the loud speaker.  He requested Five Guys for lunch, hamburgers being one of his favorites.  After lunch he grabbed his blanket and sat with me on the couch, asking me if I could just snuggle him for awhile.  Of-course, bud.  Instead of a cake he requested Grammie’s oatmeal bars which he helped shape into a seven and decorate with some blue icing.  He played outside with his neighbor friends.  He requested pizza for supper, and after we ate he opened his gifts and tried out his new bow outside.  Seven candles and “Happy Birthday” and time for bed, but not without some cuddles and giggles from his sister first.  I tucked him in and after our usual “I love you more no take backs amen” I told him that seven years ago I was probably snuggling him in my hospital bed and that I love that he’s remained a snuggler and then I gave him a big hug and kissed his forehead and prayed and thanked God for the gift of him on his birthday.

Happy Birthday sweet snuggler.  You are funny and smart and kind and such an awesome kid.  Your birthday is one of my favorite days of the year because I love nothing more than celebrating everything you are.  You are SO loved.  And please, don’t ever stop snuggling me.

georgia - love that bedding on his bed. almost got that for isaac’s room. what precious photos. and wow… he is looking so much older. he’s gonna be a heart throb, isn’t he?

tracey - I love these yearly posts. Love the ritual of the sprinkles on the milk and the family portrait at the table. And I love seeing your kids grow up. Glad I get to witness that. :)

naomi - these are all very sweet. happy belated to little e. :)

Heather M. - Tears, friend. It sounds like it was such a good day. Love that you take these photos on their birthdays.

And that tree with the pink blossoms?! Whoa!!! it’s gorgeous? I’m guessing that’s your front yard, right?

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