his last day of six



No.  It can’t be.

Seven tomorrow.

Today I plopped him on our bed and made him giggle and captured the last of his six-ness.

Hold me.

These “last day of” photos have become something I do on the day before their birthdays.  To see last year’s photos of my sweet boy and how much he’s grown visit here.

If you really want to cry (not that I’ve done that today or anything) visit my photos on this day two years ago here.


georgia - oh, stacey. i love all of these. and now, that pillow isaac does have in his room. what a great idea… to take pics of the last day of a year of your kids’ lives. and the photos are amazing. what is it about you and the light you capture. you have a gift at having the best lit photos. all the black and whites are my favorite… except for that first color shot. it’s beyond precious.

Heather M. - He has grown so much in the past year! Those adult teeth change his look so much. I can’t believe he is 7. Happy Birthday Eli!

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