her in the art show

Our Miss Evie had a piece of her artwork chosen to be showcased at the school’s district art show that was held tonight.  Her scratch art of a kitty was chosen by her art teacher several months ago and set aside for tonight, when art from kindergarten through high school from all Farmington schools was displayed.  She was one of five other fourth graders from her school that was chosen to participate!  We are obviously incredibly proud of her and were so excited to find her piece amidst the sea of other artwork from the district.  It was fun to see others pass by and comment on her drawing, Evie getting all shy and quiet at the compliments, yet seeing her smile and beam at her accomplishment.  It made this mamma’s heart very happy.

Tonight before bed I applauded my sweet girl for her creative spirit that sees the world in a different way than most of us.  I reminded her that God has given her this gift….this love of creating, of drawing, of coloring, of crafting, of art.   I encouraged her to keep using that gift and that God will continue to bless it and her.  I think sometimes we focus a bit too much on the struggles with our kids, so it’s SO good to see them shine and to put all the focus on the good. Love this girl so much.


georgia - go, evie. wonderful artwork! what a sweetie she is. you can just see it in every photo of her.

Heather M. - She is amazing! This is where her talents lie without a doubt. What a gift she has to create like this. I’m so glad that gift was honoured this night. :) Great job, Evie!

Naomi - Super cute! It’s a great drawing!

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