April randomness, now that it’s May



I’m not sure where time has gone.  Just like that it’s May.  The leaves are suddenly on the trees.  Eli’s birthday is only a few days away.  And summer vacation is around the corner.  I’ve hardly posted here because life has just been busy.  I’ve hardly been on my computer and have hardly picked up my camera.  So I thought I’d update this space with a few random April happenings….


*Eli started track.  He loves it.  Our Saturday mornings are spent at the local middle school for meets.  It’s so fun to watch him run and earn ribbons and try to better his times.

*We were able to see my grandparents and have a short but wonderful time with them at the DQ after church one weekend.  We wish we were able to see them more, but it was such a nice little visit. My Grandpa recently had his 85th birthday and they recently celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary!  Love you, grandma and grandpa!

*Darin took a trip to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference for work where he lobbied on behalf of his mortgage bank to our Minnesota senators on Capitol Hill.  A pretty cool experience for him and we’re super proud of him!

*We have come to that glorious time of year where I can tell the kids to go outside and play and they spend hours entertaining themselves with the neighbor kids.  Can I get a Hallelujah?

*I volunteered a few times in Eli’s classroom and am once again reminded why I am not a teacher, God bless them.

*I had another birthday and turned 37.  (Yes, I just told you my age. Because as I get older I realize that age should be celebrated and birthdays should be important and special.  So there ya go.)  My mom offered to watch the kids so Darin and I could go out for dinner with some friends, so nice.  We had such a great time.  Before we left I handed her the camera to get a family photo.  Thankfully my children were cooperative after I told them it was the one present I wanted for my birthday.

*Our favorite little ice cream spot in downtown Farmington reopened after being closed for over a year.  We have visited there twice in the last week.  Because, you know, we want to make sure they stay open for good this time.

*Darin and I attended the wedding of our dear babysitter, Katie.  She watched our kids for almost 9 years, even stayed at our house and watched Leo while we were on vacation one time.  It was so fun to watch her walk down the aisle and I’m sad that we are going to have to find a new sitter for the kids as she was STILL watching them while she was engaged.  She’s so great she would probably still come and watch them even though she’s married.  But I guess I need to cut the cord!  It was a gorgeous wedding and made me cry (surprise, surprise).

*The countdown to summer has begun.  I scheduled a few activities for the kids, but am mainly just looking forward to lazy mornings, pool days, and no agendas.

*We are making progress on the never ending basement project.  Tile is in, cabinets were installed, and our brother-in-law, Corey, came for a week to install the trim and put up reclaimed wood around our fireplace.  Reclaimed wood that I sorted and picked up myself (patting myself on the back).  I feel like our house has been in a constant state of mess and have given up cleaning and pray that we never have any unexpected visitors.  But it’s going to be so great when it’s done (this is what I keep repeating to myself to stay sane).

*Hot coffees have been replaced by iced coffees at Caribou and Starbucks as the weather here has been lovely.  It’s the little things.

*The kids presented their biome projects at school.  They both did an amazing job.  It’s been so nice having them both in multi-age classrooms this year.  I will miss that next year when Evie moves up to 5th grade, but let’s not talk about that.


And with that it’s back to May, with its end of the school year stuff and flowering trees and the promise of summer.  Happy week to you, friends.


georgia - happy belated birthday, dear friend. what a beautiful family photo. gosh… miss you and your smile. i definitely need to see you this september!! =)

tracey - Isn’t how crazy Spring gets? And I feel like you got through this winter without crazy crazy freezing temps and snow days?

Heather M. - Yay! An update. I love these random posts. :) I adore that photo of your family. You look so good, my friend. I’m so glad it’s spring and that summer break is almost here. I’m looking forward to slow mornings too. :) Happy week to you too, friend.

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