out with captain randy


A few days into our Captiva trip, we decided to get out onto the water and take a boat ride with Captain Randy.  He was a great guide and took us to an island only accessible by boat (Cayo Costa).  He dropped us off on one side of the island and we walked a trail through beautiful trees to the other side of the island and a gorgeous beach with calm crystal blue water and white sand and alls kinds of shells.  We explored there for awhile and then got back on the boat on the hunt for dolphins.  Captain Randy found a pair and somehow coaxed them to put on a show for us in the wake of his boat.  The kids LOVED it.  A fun little excursion that I’m so happy we did.


georgia - wow. wow. wow! great shots. what a great opportunity. would love to do something like that. i love being out on boats. brac’s dad had a sailboat on the gulf, and he has taken us out a couple times. it’s just so beautiful. but never saw dolphins. that’s amazing!! and great photos of them. i think we used to go to that island as a kid. is it near fort meyers?

Heather M. - Wow! What an incredible adventure! I’m so glad you guys did that. The dolphin ‘show’ sounds so amazing! I bet you wish you were back there now.

gina - Pretty sure every single one of these is a “framer!” Love them all, what a wonderful memory. xoxo.

tracey - Oh my, that adventure looks sooooo wonderful. There’s nothing like a Florida sandy beach and blue water. Such a different feel than the west coast for sure. I’d love to be sitting on that warm white sand right now!

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