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This past Saturday our family returned from a week long spring break vacation on Captiva Island, Florida.  We were blessed to go with my mom and my sister and her family.  I miss it already.

I have all kinds of photos of Evie on this beach.  This series was taken on our first night.  We went to watch the amazing sunset and she just stood there and took it all in.  It was windy, unusually so for this part of Florida.  But it made the waves big and beautiful and it was the perfect first night at the ocean that we all had waited so long for.  Evie stood there in awe and sometimes just held out her arms and let the warm wind blow her hair as she felt it.  She kept telling me over and over again how beautiful it was.  It made me tear up to see her so happy in that moment.

I’ve learned over the years that Evie is a very sensory person.  And her five senses are directly connected to her soul.  She loves physical touch.  She is sensitive to noise and doesn’t like it when things are too loud.  She won’t wear certain fabrics because of how they feel on her skin.  She won’t eat certain foods because of their texture and taste.  She comments all the time on how soft things are, how silky her blanket is, how warm or cold she feels.  She is a noticer, a feeler.  So it shouldn’t surprise me when I see her at the ocean and her senses come alive.  She feels it, all of it.  The sand in her toes and the wind in her face.  The taste of the salt.  The cold ocean water.  The sound of the waves crashing.  The sight of the pink and purple sky and how it looks like a painting.  When her senses comes alive like this, she comes alive.

My favorite part of our week was watching her feel this beautiful place with every bit of her little being.


georgia - oh, stacey. this reminds me so much of the book i just created for my in-laws of photos and quotes… photos from our trip down to florida to see them. i had quotes in there about feeling the sand between your toes and taking in beauty in the here and now. i even have photos in it that remind me so much of yours in this post. i was going to post a link to my book online soon on my blog, but seeing this, i can’t wait that long to share it with you, so i’ll just give you the link now…
it’s best to view it on a large monitor so that you can read the quotes. otherwise, you won’t be able to see them, i think.
these are all so special. what a touching post. love this… and the relationship you have with your daughter. it’s so evident through your words how much you love her and are proud of her.

tracey - This trip just looked soooooo peaceful and restful and soul-filling and beautiful. So glad you got the time to do that with your mom and the kids could play at the ocean.

Heather M. - Oh Stacey, this made me tear up (shocker, I know). So beautiful. I love how you put words to who she is. She reminds me of myself at her age in many ways, maybe that’s why my boy is so like her. And Helayna looked at these photos and let out a big huge sigh. I asked her what she was thinking and she said, “this reminds me of when we went to Tofino. I miss it there.” Beautiful post, Stacey.

Liza - ooops!!! *your not *our ; )

liza - What a sweet soul. I just loved all the captured moments of our precious family time away adventuring at the beach.

Kristen - A girl after my own heart.

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