a spring wonderland



After a beautiful March with a few record high temperatures, snow totally melted, bike rides and shorts, and a first day of spring that actually looked and felt like spring, winter decided it wasn’t through with us yet.  Which really isn’t surprising in Minnesota.  A few big snow falls are expected in March, and we got one of those Sunday night.  We woke up Monday morning to about 10 inches of heavy snow, the kind that blankets every tree branch, making it a beautiful wonderland right out our back door.

I dropped the kids off at school and decided it was too lovely to not go explore.  So I took Leo and we walked in the preserve behind our house. Initially I didn’t bring my camera along, but had to go back for it after I walked under the covered trees.  Although the photos don’t really do it justice.   I wish the kids would have been along because it really was magical.  The birds were singing, I hardly needed a coat, and every once in awhile snow would fall like fairy dust from the trees above us.  It reminded me of this sunny April day when Eli and I went exploring the same place two years ago (how little Eli was!).  But let’s not have snow in April this year, m’kay?

The walk was just what I needed after a week of just a lot of “stuff” going on.  Excited for spring and for this snow to now disappear again, but a little bit of winter was welcomed on this spring day.


georgia - perfection. this series of four photos is so creative, even down to the order you displayed them in. i absolutely love it. you know what i love about that second photo? i thought it was a shot you took of one of your kids wearing boots… like you were positioned at their feet looking toward them sitting in the snow, getting their feet sticking out of the snow, toes closest to the camera. and i thought “what a perfect shot.” but then i read what you wrote, and realized they were not even there, so i knew it must me your feet and realized you could not have possibly taken the shot of your own feet the way i described… so i looked at it again and realized you are shooting down at your feet and i am seeing your calves/boot, with your feet buried in the snow. and i love that shot just as much as if it was what i thought it was originally. =)

leo is the most photogenic dog… especially in snow. his color on snow is great!!

andrea - That last photo of Leo is just so pretty. He’s such a handsome fellow! All that snow on his fur.

Heather M. - beautiful photos, stacey! so glad you went for that walk.

Liza - it looks absolutely wonderful!

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