time stamp: 5:30pm


We were on top of a bluff on a beautiful beach at dusk watching the gorgeous waves meet the sand.  For a midwestern girl in February, this was a little piece of heaven.

For this time stamp my friend Tracey (pictured above) and I were actually in the same time zone and in the same place.  :)  My dear friend Heather (from Canada) and I decided to take a little break from the deep freeze and visit Tracey in California.  On this particular day we searched for sea glass, had a yummy lunch in San Fransisco, drove over the Golden Gate, walked on some black sand, and then visited this final spot as the last of the light fell on the water.  The sun and waves and time with friends warmed my heart after it had been a bit frozen from a long Minnesota winter.

To see what Tracey was capturing at the exact same time, this time in the same time zone, please visit here.

And to read more about this little photo project click here.

And because this place was just too lovely, I feel the need to share a few more photos from the few minutes before and after our time stamp….

tracey - Finally getting on my computer to see these photos in a larger size, instead of from my phone! Love the light on those waves and that you caught me in one of the frames. :)

michelle - I love that you guys were together to do your Time Stamp this month. It’s got to feel a little surreal to see your faraway friend in your frame. :) Love it. xo

Naomi - What a pretty little slice of heaven. The waves are beautiful!

Heather M. - Capturing Tracey capturing her time stamp?! PERFECT. Love it so much. That day was so beautiful. That beach was incredible. I’m so glad I got to join you two there. And I’m a little surprised (and happy) to see that photo of the waves over the edge of the cliff! Nice work, friend! xo

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