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It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting on the couch finishing the last sips of my coffee under a quilt and watching the snow softly falling.  I’m allowing myself this time as I nurse a headache I’ve had for over 24 hours.  I’m telling myself it’s okay if I get nothing done today.  It’s okay to just sit and be and rest.  It’s okay to take a nap and to let the laundry sit unfolded and to let the breakfast dishes remain in the sink because the dishwasher needs to be emptied.  It’s okay to surf the internet and watch Jimmy Fallon youtube videos and pin some spring and summer tops as I desperately wish for spring and summer.  It’s okay to let the kids spend some extra time on electronics after school while I lay my head on a pillow and watch.

I think sometimes I get lost in the day to day grind that I need to allow myself a day to just be lazy.  Maybe I need to think about it in a different way. That I’m actually getting caught up on resting.  That I’m being productive in allowing myself time to recharge.

So while I’m allowing myself this time, I thought I’d jot down a few things that have been going on the past month around here.  A little of our day to day while I’m taking a day off…

*Our basement is slowly coming along.  I’m super proud of D and all the work he’s put into it so far.  Of-course it’s turning out to be a bigger project and take longer than what we thought (and cost more than what we thought), but the sheetrock is up and we ordered cabinets and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

*While D is plugging away at the basement I decided I needed to be productive and take on a few projects throughout the rest of the house.  Last week I went to IKEA and bought two desks for the kids, somehow got them into the truck, fumbled them upstairs, and put them together ALL BY MYSELF.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I also cleaned out the kids’ rooms and threw away organized their junk treasures.  They love their new spaces and I didn’t have to hear D complain about IKEA once.

*I also decided to paint our first floor powder room and mud room, the first floor powder room that 10 years ago was painted red (because every house had to have a red room back then, right?) and the mudroom that was caked in finger prints.  I love how a fresh coat of paint can make things feel so clean and fresh and I needed that right now after our long winter.

*I went to California to visit friends and dip my feet in the ocean and soak up some sun.  It was a much needed little break and I’m grateful to D for taking some time off work and for mom for helping out with kids so I could go.

*Darin and I typically don’t really do anything special for Valentine’s Day, but this year my mom offered to watch the kids so we could have a date and we happily accepted her offer.  We enjoyed some yummy food and drinks at Smack Shack and loved an over due time alone together.

*Evie and Eli have turned into reading machines and I’m so proud of them.  Last night Evie read about 90 minutes willingly and finished a book and started a new one.  When I think back to all the struggles we had with her as she was learning to read and see just how far she’s come….it’s makes me tear up.  It’s such a gift.  And Eli is part of a accelerated reading program in school where he is reading some pretty difficult stories in first grade.  For him reading was just automatic and to see him reading far beyond his grade level makes me so happy and grateful.  Also such a gift.

*We all had the day off on President’s Day and the weather was actually bearable to be outside for more than a few minutes, so we took the kids ice skating.  Evie is a natural and it’s such a joy to watch her skate.  At one point the snow was gently coming down and she was skating around singing with her arms out as if she was flying.  Her free spirit makes my heart sing and I hope she never loses that.

*I volunteered in Eli’s class at school and was reminded why I am not a teacher.

*Darin was nominated for a Future Leaders program at work and was given a spot in the program in which he will travel several times to Washington D.C. to attend sessions with other participants throughout the country.  It’s quite the honor that only a select group of applicants receive, so I’m really proud of him.  We will miss him when he’s gone, but I’m excited for this opportunity for him.  (I’m also hoping maybe I can tag along on one of the trips…honey??)

*I have recently had a not so stellar attitude about work lately so was blessed this past weekend with a few really wonderful patients that were so grateful and helped me to remember why I do what I do.  One patient gave me a hug as I left and thanked me for making her birthing experience so memorable and wonderful and I nearly started bawling right there.  (It was at the very end of my 36 hour weekend so I was physically and emotionally exhausted so don’t judge.)  Not to sound totally selfish, but as a nurse you really do need those patients and those experiences every once in awhile to keep you from getting completely burnt out.

And with that I’m going to go back to my recharge day, maybe take a nap and snuggle with Leo before I pick up the kids and snuggle them on this snowy March Tuesday.  Allowing myself to be still today feels good.


michelle - I love how you said it “being productive in allowing yourself time to recharge.” I say yes to that. It’s a Sabbath mentality and you exercised it at a perfect time.

I can’t wait to see photos of your basement. I’m so curious. And based on your list of everything you have been doing in the last weeks I can see why you needed a rest day.

Love you.

gina - Wow!!!!! Look at all that your whole family has accomplished in the last month! We would be lucky if we could get all this done in 5 years! Kudos to you guys. xoxo

Shannon - J was just telling me the other day that I’m horrible at resting and taking a ‘break’ to relax. I guess you’re smarter than me… you figured it out on your own. I guess that’s why God gave us the Sabbath. Hope your headache is gone!

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