february, a slow blur


A slow blur.  That’s usually how I feel about February.  The month seems to drag by.  It’s cold and spring still seems too far away and I am just done with winter and just all of it.  Yet on the other hand it seems to always be a bit of a blur.  Twenty eight days quickly come and go and as much as I’m thankful to see March arrive, I can’t believe it’s already here.

I’m short on words this month, so I’ll just post some blurry photos of a beautiful night from my February.  They seem to fit.


Heather - Oh Stacey, I love these photos. You have this amazing way of shooting from the hip (which I’m guessing most of these are, am I right?). I wish I could close my eyes and teleport back there right now.

tracey - Still can’t believe how amazing that evening was. One of the most beautiful in my life. Glad you could experience it too!

andrea - the tones in these photos are just so pretty. soft and muted.
very pretty.
february does seem like such a slow month.

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