Last week, this week



Last week:

Year 4 in California to visit my far-away friends (minus one).

A serendipitous plane ride.

70+ degrees.

Sand in my shoes, my toes.

Cool salt water on my feet.

Warm sun on my face.

Relaxing and resting.

The sound of waves crashing, over and over and over again.


Philz coffee.

A clear and bright day in San Fransisco.

A picnic lunch on an ocean bluff.

Searching for sea glass.

Glorious sunsets.

Wonderful conversation.


This week:

Another school and work week.

A serendipitous trip to ice skate.

0 degrees (with negative windchills).

Sheetrock dust all over my house, in the air.

Winter boots on my feet.

Bitter wind on my face.

Commitments and appointments.

The sounds of the kids playing the Wii, over and over and over again.

Errand running.

Starbucks coffee.

Multiple clear and freezing days in Minnesota.

A coffee date with a dear friend.

Searching for Eli’s blanket.

Glorious snuggles.

Wonderful answers to prayer.


What a difference a week makes.


georgia - love all your shots from this year’s trip. i can not tell a lie… whenever i see all your CA pics, i wish i was with you all.

michelle - xo


Naomi - Always hard to return to reality….especially when the weather is like night and day. Counting the days till spring….glad you had a nice little trip!

gina - It is so bittersweet to return from a little much needed break. Glad you had fun but sorry it is so hard to return to the race. xoxo

Heather - I may have teared up reading this. It went by way too fast. Miss you.

tracey - I miss that week. Grateful for it and the weather and the time to just wander and explore in the most amazing weather. Just found a piece of sea glass in my pants pocket yesterday. :)

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