getting reacquainted



A few weeks ago we went up to my dad’s to celebrate Christmas in Fargo.  While we were there my niece, Haddie, got reacquainted with our sweet Leo and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Remember the first time they met?  Now they are totally BFFs.


Heather M. - Her hair is awesome. We used to put Helayna’s up like that when she was Haddie’s age. :)

gina - These are so cute. She is growing up so fast! xoxo

michelle - He is the best. The. Very. Best.

Jean - So sweet!

Sissy - Oh my word when did you take these? Where was I??? They are adorable. I just showed h and she giggled and wanted to look at all of them over and over! Thank you sis. 143.

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