time stamp: 1:00pm




I took a break from cleaning the house and packing for a weekend trip to just sit for a bit and enjoy my afternoon coffee and the lovely muted light coming in my bedroom windows.  Every once in awhile the sun would find it’s way out from behind the clouds.  A welcome sight after a gloomy few days.  He was right there, hoping to sneak a lick of my cream filled concoction.


To see what my friend Tracey was snapping at the exact same time, visit her time stamp here.

And to read more about this photo project visit my very first post that explains it all here.

Happy Friday, friends.

tracey - Love the soft light resting on Leo’s head. :)

Jean - i swear, this winter, it’s just so moody! it brings great photos, but i’d like a little sun, too.

Andrea - A very pretty, moody shot.

michelle - I have always wistfully admired the tea-time people I know. I adore people who have daily habits, especially seemingly peace filled habits. And then it struck me, I love my afternoon coffee. Seeing your photo and knowing you were also enjoying an afternoon coffee makes me happy. :) And doing it with a Golden always makes it even sweeter.

Heather M. - Love this peek into your life, Stacey. Such a beautiful moody shot.

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