her in the reading room



About a year back or so we decided to make our front room, that was originally used as an office, into a reading room.  Laptops and iPads had taken over and the big desk was collecting dust and the room was just not getting used.  So we got rid of the desk on Craig’s List and got a few chairs and a fun old record stand at a garage sale and voila, a reading room.

Today she read there.  But instead of using one of the chairs, she found a big box that had held something or other for the basement.  She grabbed a quilt and a pillow and got in and sat there peacefully after school.  She read and I watched her.  I love how the light hits her beautiful hair.  I love how she has her blanket with her.  I love how the simplicity of reading in a box brings her joy.  I love watching her read.


michelle - Reading Room = Jealous in the best Possible Way. ;)


Georgia B. - love. reminds me of the forts and little cardboard nooks i used to make for myself as a kid. so cute.

you and i are always on the same page, i swear. i love that be brave print and have wanted to get it since i saw it for sale somewhere in the blogosphere recently… can’t remember where.

tracey - Can you believe this day has arrived? She is enjoying reading! Warms my heart! She is just like my Bean with her glasses and blanket and curled up reading somewhere. The BEST!!!!!!

Andrea - I love your reading room. And that Be Brave sign. And her box with her name on it. All so good. Looks like a very cozy room. :-)

Heather M. - Oh Stacey, the sight of her reading just warms my heart. I love that she put her name on the box too. I wanna come sit in that reading room. It looks so inviting.

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