currently hearting….



30+ degree weather this week.

Kari Jobe, I Am Not Alone.

The sun currently shining.

Sticking with commitments.

Couch time binge watching Netflix or Hulu TV shows with D after the kids are in bed.

This music video and song (even if there are reports that parts of it were completely staged, it’s still a catchy song, and it’s still Adam Levine).

Coffee without flavored creamer and just half and half and sugar (I know, you’re shocked).

Speaking of coffee, pour over Dogwood coffee, yum.

This Mexican restaurant on Wednesday nights with my boyfriend.

Not wearing a coat while running errands today.

Leo all clean and fluffy after a grooming appointment.

How the light is flowing through our back windows into our kitchen right now.

That feeling of sore muscles after a yoga class.

Trivia Crack.

Vacation dreaming.

This Jimmy Fallon interview with Nicole Kidman.

My comfy sweatshirt from the Dells.

Texts from my husband during the middle of the day just checking in.

Scrambled eggs.

Basement progress, slow but sure.

And it’s the Friday of my weekend off.  *heart*

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gina - i heart all of this and you!

Heather M. - I’m TOTALLY with Michelle on this one. :)

Jean - I hear so much on trivia crack, but never tried.

Loving our weather, too!

michelle - I always love your lists except for one thing: I think as I read through about what I want to comment on but then I keep reading and add more things to the comment tally in my head and by the time I get to the bottom of the list I’m overwhelmed with too many comments and don’t know what to say. ;)

I think Friday evening trumps everything else on the list. TGIF. <3 :)

Ana - Yes. Yes. And yes!! Adam Levine, coffee, no coat, sore muscles, Fallon, weekend off!! All loves! Happy weekend Stacey!

Shannon - Love that Dogwood made the list!
Kari Jobe… I’m with ya, sister!!
and the weather– Praise God for the weather. It’s been making me SO happy. I may have spotted a 40 degree day next week on my weather app- it’s a way off, but I’m hopeful! Love you!!

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