time stamp: 6:44pm




Our traditional hair cut date night.  I snapped one photo as she got three inches taken off her beautiful mane.  Then we went out to eat and she sat next to me in the booth.  I adore her.


This year I’m starting a new little photo project with my friend and wonderful photographer, Tracey.  We are taking one photo on a random pre-selected date and time, her in California and me in Minnesota. Telling a story with one photo snapped at the exact same time, entitling it “time stamp”.  So as I was taking the above photo, Tracey was capturing her own frame at 4:44pm thousands of miles away (and two time zones away, hence the “difference” in time when it’s actually the same time, get it?).

Sometimes the words “photo project” make me cringe a bit.  I have mixed feelings about them, some good and some not so good, ones that I won’t get into right at this moment.  But one good thing that I will share is that they do challenge me to pick up my camera, something I haven’t been as good at the past year or so. And I have to tell you that knowing Tracey was picking up her camera at the exact same time in California capturing her little moment in her completely different little world made me smile.  I’m looking forward to many more time stamps in the weeks and months ahead.  :)

To see her time stamp at 4:44pm please click here.


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Georgia B. - three things.

what tracey said. my eye did the same exact thing with the same exact result. love this!

i must admit… i’m a tiny bit jealous that you have this collaboration. i have wanted to do a collaboration with someone for so long. and i love the simplicity of this collaboration.

this was a fun photo to see, because i am taking isaac to get his first real hair cut at a salon this weekend {we’ve always cut/trimmed his hair in the past}, and i already made up my mind i’d be taking my camera with me to capture it, because i could just imagine the photos being fun and memorable. so… it’ll probably look like i stole your idea… just a heads up. =)

Heather M. - I’m so glad you guys are doing this! So fun! I wish I could go for a haircut date with you!

michelle - I love that you said “photo project” can make you cringe. Me too though I’m not sure why. Because I do love them. And I always love when you and Tracey collaborate. Lovely shot. I know how meaningful your haircut dates are. How lovely to have this memory of that special time. :)

tracey - Love it. I loved that when I clicked onto your site my eye had this split second travel around the photo and then landed right on E’s little face. Like a little surprise. :)

Thank you for encouraging me to keep on!

Andrea - What a great project! :-)

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